» What is ItArchitect? 
It is a client-server application that runs on your system and stores the information on your network. It allows creating projects to design the architecture of an Information System and monitor all the elements of the Project (Servers, Network elements, Interconnections, ...). It also allows you to scan these elements to discover the software that is running on them and define properties and actions on said software elements.

» Where is the information stored? 
The information is stored on your system, allowing you to choose between a HSQLDB or MySQL database.
» Is it necessary to go to the authentication web page to run the application? 
Yes. Every time you want to run the application you must go to the login web page. 

» Can multiple users share the same data? 
Yes. If the HSQLDB option has been chosen, only one user can access the data(single user). In the case of having chosen MySQL, multiple users can access the data. It is necessary that the data server is accessible by all the users who want to share the information.You can create different users and assign them to groups with different profiles: Administrator, Read-only, ...

» Is the information stored encrypted? 
Yes. All information related to user credentials is stored encrypted in the local database.

» What is the price of the application? 
The application is totally free.

» Can each user have access to different databases? 
Yes. Each user will own a database, but he can have access to any other of another user if he allows it.

» Settings for Putty and RDP connections in the application: