If the option to use Mysql Database is chosen during the installation, it is possible to manage all the users you want in the organization, assigning different profiles so that they can only consult from a sub-tree of projects and services and cannot modify any object
    The application can be executed on Windows and MacOS Operating Systems, being able to access the same data stored in the same database.
Real-time software and hardware monitoring
    The application is able to check if all the elements of a project are enabled as well as the interconnection between them. It is possible to define scripts that check the interconnection between these elements.
Scripts detection software included
The application has a customizable software repository for detecting the main types of software belonging to companies such as:
No need to install Agents
There are different levels of monitoring. If it is only necessary to check if the equipment is enabled, no credentials are necessary. If it is necessary to extract information about the software installed in the destination, then it is necessary to provide credentials only once, which will be stored encrypted.
Completely free with no restrictions
The product is completely free, and there are no functionalities that are paid.
Total autonomy to add/update detected software
If you wish, you can manually add any software you want along with the detection script, and from that moment on it will be detected on the server where it is installed.
Ease of use: Drag and drop objects
One of the strengths of the application is the ease of use. Drag and drop any object on the screen. Move it, group it, align it and resize it however you want.
Total autonomy to customize properties and actions
After adding any new software, you can create new properties and actions (for example, application location, version, log location, application configuration files, etc), without any restrictions.
Monitor Virtual and Physical Servers, Network elements, Chassis, Storage, Clients, Printers, Clusters and Software
Monitor any element of the network, clearly visualizing if it is operational or not.
Ability to export/import properties and actions to be shared by the community
If you are able to create new properties and actions for any commercial software, you can share them with the community through the option to export/import properties/actions.
Automatic creation of documentation
Automatically create the documentation for each project exporting it as a PDF document